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AirWare, your IoT (Internet of Things) and Industrial Mobility Cloud-based Hub from AirData an organisation with 30 years history in Industrial Mobility; connecting Things





AirWare is a cloud-based middleware and API that links the formerly non-connected “FIELD” assets with the connected world of Server, PCs, tablets and smartphones apps and software, that can incorporate older technologies, provide them with dramatic new capabilities, and increase their value. It accommodates disparate technologies, some of which are decades old.  It aggregates, converts and transmits multiple data networking protocols, from Modbus to TCP/IP and move data across fibre, copper, cellular and wireless connections as well as smaller, smarter, more capable nodes to networks. It provides rich management reporting and effective mobile worker tools.

Our software and deployments take advantage of and include the latest in handheld, RIFID, GPS, WIFI, 3G and  other current technologies, to cost-effectively take Legacy and ERP systems onto the road with 2 way communications with significant ROI. AirWare is unique as its history and future are built around 30 years of field data dispatch and gathering for efficient field operations and rich management reporting through Clients’ existing back-office tools.


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About AirData

30 years ago, Centretech Computer Products was  founded, eventually located at 23 Chandos St, St Leonards, NSW, Australia, to supply information technology to several businesses colleagues including the then relative start-up Star Track Express (formerly Discount Freight Express).

In 1988 Centralised Proof Of Delivery (POD) processing and retrieval system was established for Startrack to service customers with POD copies, nationally. In 1991 AirData developed and deployed Transport Efficiency Analysis and Management (TEAM) national computer system at Startrack. Over the years, many other solutions were developed by the AirData development team that automated 90% of Startrack's requirements.

Still today, TEAM is at the core of Startrack operations with 4 full-time AirData Senior Developers and System Architects deployed.

AirData grew from there, organically and through acquisitions such as AyrSystems (a reseller of handheld computers and technical services) to become AyrData Systems, to become a supplier of complete mobility systems including handheld computers, software, wireless access points and other mobility requirements. The name of company was changed to AirData Systems.  Other acquisitions included Mobile Data Systems (MDS) in 2007 a mobile technology specialist based in Queensland.

In 2009, AirData became the largest Motorola EMB reseller in Australia,  the next year winning the Best Customer Service Award also from Motorola EMB, establishing itself as the unquestionable leader in the Industrial Mobility space.

Today, AirData is a ubiquitous IoT (Internet of Things) Industrial Mobility Consulting and Solutions leader with deployments in the Transport & Logistics, White goods & Brown goods servicing industries, HVAC, Waste Management and Mining industries, growing into new industries and geographies with strategies exclusively focused on delivering leading Industrial Mobility Solutions that deliver significant ROI to our Clients, a better customer experience to their customers and a better working environment for their employees.

Our Clients are our masters and our shareholders our beneficiaries. We are at your service.


A Snapshot of Clients

Contact UsText Box: Sydney - Head Office
Suite 1A Level 2
802 Pacific Highway
Gordon NSW 2072

Snail mail to:
PO Box 21
Burwood  NSW 1805

Global: +61 2 9212 1388
Phone: 1300 583 530
Support: 1300 145 984


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AirData is evolving on the simple premise that if you bring value, we value you. We do not hire staff, we grow our value through people that share the same values and bring varied strengths. Educational qualifications are important but more important is your track-record and/or your passion. We grow our team by adding Essential Leaders or people, that follow their passion and Essence. So if you like what we do and feel it aligns with your passion, show us how you wish to add value and we certainly shall value you. Write to Careers@airdata.com.au.


Things (IoT)

AirData, over its 30 year history has specialised in connecting “Things” to their Clients; providing rich data for reporting, job management, asset tracking, KPIs ERP, CRM, Inventory and financials. Some of the “Things connected by AirData include:

·       RFID

·       Printers

·       Handhelds

·       GPS

·       3G

·       OBD-II

·       Barcode

·       Electronic Scales

·       Kiosks

·       Card Readers

·       iRD

·       Networks