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At AirData our relationship with you starts once you sign on the dotted line. From that moment you know you have signed-up for peace of mind







For the lifetime of your agreement with us, any and all changes and ugrades to our software are at no extra cost*

AirData guarantees that all your requirements for the lifetime of your use of our software product continue to be met at no extra cost. This is a unique, exclusive AirData initiative that protects our Clients and makes our solutions future-proof. Talk to one of our consultants about how to future-protect your organisation from unforseen requirements.*Terms and conditions apply.



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*The fine print


There is no fine print at AirData.

The AirData guarantee relates to AirData software provided to our Clients. It ensures that for the period of the agreement between AirData and our Clients, as long as the monthly payments are current, AirData will endeavour to continue to enhance its software to meet our Clientís needs based on an AirData process that includes the Client updating our AirSupport ticketing system articulating the required changes or the perceived issues. AirData executives shall endeavour to estimate the time-period required for such changes and once the Client signs-off on the changes, AirData embarks on the changes endeavouring to meet timelines. Timelines may slip based on a multitude of Client or AirData related delays. However, what does not change is that for the lifetime of your agreement with us, there are no surprise update or upgrade charges. Furthermore, this being a free service is not subject to any legal claims by the Client for delays or further change requirements which shall be met by AirData.